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October 8, 2020 Jeremy Boren

P&G-Lyft Clean Team, Bell’s APT Lifts Off, Transform Cyber

Source: Bell

P&G Helps Lyft Offer Clean Vehicles to Fight COVID-19

Source: Pexel

Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble is teaming up with ride-share company Lyft to help drivers disinfect their vehicles between every trip, and thus limit the chances of spreading COVID-19.

P&G is providing cleaning products including Spic and Span Disinfecting All Purpose Spray and Glass Cleaner along with Microban 24 Professional. Both product groups are on the CDC’s list of approved cleaning products to kill the coronavirus.

Lyft is recommending drivers follow its “Clean Ride Guide,” developed by P&G Professional and the University of Tennessee, for cleaning their vehicles between rides.

Tips include:

“Use an all-purpose cleaner on seat belts, door handles, buttons, locks, cup holders, and all the nooks and crannies your riders may touch.”

“Use a sanitizing spray on seats, floor mats, and anywhere else your riders’ clothes and belongings may touch.”

The guide also notes that, ideally, drivers should wait 10 minutes before wiping sanitizer from hard surfaces and glass to give it time to work.

According to a recent P&G Professional survey, “more than one third of respondents (37 percent) are extremely concerned about COVID-19, and a majority indicated that they would patronize a business if they know and trust the cleaning brands used by that business (70 percent).”

GrayMatter Transform Cyber Summit is Live!

Register to Join Us Nov. 5

Transform Cyber

Industrial cybersecurity has become such an all-encompassing topic this year during the COVID-19 pandemic and rise of remote work that GrayMatter is dedicating an entire virtual summit to the topic.

We’re calling it the Transform Cybersecurity Summit, or Transform Cyber for short, or #transformcyber20 for an even shorter and hashtag-friendly version.

Experts in the industrial cyber field will be sharing their knowledge and helping attendees build their cyber strategy for 2021.

We’ll also get a great view of the current cybersecurity threat landscape from one of our featured panelists: Former FBI Cyber Division Special Agent Keith Mularski, now a managing director of cybersecurity for Ernst & Young.

Our live panelists will be talking about the latest updates and national security advisories (including this one if you missed it), changes to regulatory standards such as NIST and NERC CIP, how remote work is impacting cybersecurity at industrial companies, and how some solutions like deception technology, are becoming more widely adopted in the industrial space.

Spaces are limited, so register early for this event.

In the meantime, check out GrayMatter’s events page for details about two other upcoming events that will cover some critical issues for our industry:

Oct. 14 – Webinar: Empowering Citizen Data Scientists & Energy Engineers with Advanced Industrial Analytics

• Oct. 20 – emPOWERUP Virtual: October TechStream

Bell Demos Autonomous Pod Transport for NASA Program

Bell Textron showcased its Autonomous Pod Transport 70 as part of a NASA-backed program to see how different types of Unmanned Aircraft Systems handle carrying cargo and transitioning into and out of controlled airspace.

Bell’s APT 70 flew a pre-programmed flight path of 10 miles at an altitude of about 500 feet that included moving seamlessly through commercial airspace, according to Bell. It’s capable of transporting a cargo load weighing up to 70 lbs, and can cover the same distance as a ground-based transport in about one-third the time. It could be used for tons of applications, including medical goods transport.

(Side note: Check out the train in the background of the flight video wrapped with the state flag of Texas. Good timing.)

“This successful demonstration highlights the great potential for the APT 70 to complete complex missions for businesses and healthcare providers,” said Michael Thacker, executive vice president, Bell Innovation and Commercial Business.

The APT 70, which took off from Bell’s Floyd Carlson field in Fort Worth, Texas, even demonstrated that it has at least two flight modes. After a vertical takeoff, “the vehicle then rotated to fly on its wings where it became nearly silent to the ground below.”

To learn more about Bell, digital transformation and cybersecurity and GrayMatter, read here.

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