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We'll be hosting leaders for a networking and education summit to cap off the first day of the Smart Manufacturing Experience (SME) in Pittsburgh at the David L. Lawrence Covention Center.

Register to join CEO James Gillespie, Senior Manufacturing Program Manager Tod Virden and Cybersecurity Practice Director Scott Christensen of GrayMatter and Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business Professor Adam Paulisick for an educational summit followed by an exclusive networking Happy Hour at the amazing rooftop Left Field Meeting Space, which offers panoramic views of Pittsburgh's beautiful North Shore and PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh pirates.

Following the summit, join us for the 7:05 p.m. baseball game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Detroit Tigers at PNC Park.

Note: Due to ticketing and capacity restrictions, space is limited and open only to end users.


  • JUNE 7

Tod Virden

Sr. Program Manager, GrayMatter


Co-founder & CEO

Adam Paulisick

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, Carnegie Mellon University

Nate Smith

Director of Strategic Innovation, GrayMatter

SME Conference Session: How Manufacturers Uncover Hidden Capacity

3:35 PM ET | SME Conference | David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Tod spent more than 13 years with General Electric (Lighting, Healthcare and Transportation) in a variety of automation / integration roles, and is now the Manufacturing Solution Architect at GrayMatter, where he helps clients connect the dots and facilitate true digital transformation.


Industrial Technology Landscape: What We're Seeing

4:00 PM ET | Speakers: Jim Gillespie, CEO & Nate Smith, GrayMatter | Left Field Meeting Space

Kicking off the summit with a Q&A discussion about a few major trends we're seeing among manufacturers including:

  • Improving Data Visibility and Security Among Remote Distributed Assets
  • Deploying AI/Advanced Analytics to Improve Production Quality & Capacity
  • Analyzing SCADA/HMI Systems to Improve Capabilities and Stay Competitive

Getting Buy-In for Digital Initiatives

4:15 PM ET | Speaker: Adam Paulisick, Carnegie Mellon Universitty Tepper School of Business | Left Field Meeting Space

You know the problem you want to solve. You've identified the team. You might even have the technology solutions that can help.Now you just need to get support internally.

CMU Tepper School of Business Professor Adam Paulisick discusses strategies for advocating within your own organization to ensure a Brilliant Operation project gets the leadership and operations-level support it deserves to be successful.

Brilliant Operations Workshop: Answering the Right Questions with Data

4:45 PM ET | Speakers: Tod Virden, Jeremy Boren, GrayMatter | Left Field Meeting Space

In this session, we'll take the idea of Brilliant Operations/Digital Transformation and begin putting it into practice with the group. We'll analyze some of the most common challenges and questions that data, in the proper context and system, can answer for plant managers, data analysts, plant floor operators and others.

Here are a few examples that we'll workshop, along with some shared by attendees:

  • How many parts were produced yesterday? Last week? Last night?
  • My data resides in MANY different systems and is very hard to correlate. How do I change that?
  • How much work-in-progress do I have sitting around? What is it worth in $$?

Brilliant Operations: Achieving End-to-End Visibility in Manufacturing & the Future of MES

5:15 PM ET | Speaker: Tod Virden, GrayMatter | Left Field Meeting Space

GrayMatter Sr. Program Manager Tod Virden, a former Manufacturing Engineer at GE Transportation, shares his insider's perspective of how Fortune 500 manufacturing companies succeed with Digital Transformation, aka Brilliant Operations.

Key steps include identifying the quality, throughput and uptime metrics companies want to track and improve; building a proof of concept that can be scaled to an enterprise level; getting buy-in from stakeholders; and selecting the right combination of technologies.

In addition to GE Transportation, Tod has worked with major manufacturers in a diverse set of industries including PPG, Smucker's, Wabtec and many others.

Rooftop Deck Networking & Happy Hour

6:00 PM ET | Left Field Meeting Space

Join us for wine, beer and other refreshments on the rooftop deck overlooking PNC Park. Afterward, we'll head across the street to the ballpark where the Pirates will take on the Tigers.


GrayMatter Box at PNC Park: Detroit Tigers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

7:05 PM ET | PNC Park