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Transforming operations, empowering people

Intelligent Infrastructure

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We’re focused on bringing infrastructure into the information age.

Through industrial digitalization we’ve transformed operations at water utilities, energy operations and on the factory floor.

We’ve empowered the operators who work in those places to be their best.

Now it’s time to transform the heartbeat of our cities – buildings, hospitals and schools. To empower the teachers, nurses, students, maintenance operators and everyone else inside the buildings that run our lives. To unlock the true potential of connectivity.

What if . . .

You knew when the lights turned off and on?


One thermostat could set every building temperature within a university?

smart fountains

HVAC systems alerted you to their own failures?


Water quality problems were fixed right at the drinking source?

Energy Management Platform 


    • Inputs include energy usage data, energy generation data, sites and zones data and occupancy and set point data
    • Outputs inlcude base operational reporting
    • Value includes streamline reporting


  • Inputs include HVAC/refrigeration/lighting, monthly bill and consulting
  • Outputs include performance analytics, alarm prioritization and automated FDD
  • Value includes asset management and OPEX reduction


  • Inputs include storage solution, interval metering, incentive offer data and advanced analytics
  • Outputs include optimization, preventative maintenance, utility incentive management and advanced demand response
  • Value includes asset optimization and CAPEX design


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