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Mobile Solutions for Oil and Gas Companies

Real-Time Access to Your Data Anywhere on Any Device
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A little over two years ago, experts projected global businesses would spend $168 billion on enterprise mobility by the year 2015. Of that $168 billion, roughly 5% — or $8 billion — would by spent on industrial mobility solutions for oil and gas companies.

Recent surveys of the oil and gas industry confirm interest in industrial mobility.

According to recent a survey of oil and gas industry executives, industrial mobility ranked No.2 on the list of top priorities for CIOs — second only to cyber security. The same survey found 55% of oil and gas CIOs stating they believed mobile technology would greatly enhance their operations.

Put simply, industrial mobility is the use of smart phones and tablets in industrial settings, giving operators access to applicable information anywhere at anytime. In oil and gas, it optimizes supply chains and equipment movement, allowing you to see all aspects of your operations in real-time. Today’s mobile options are helping oil and gas companies analyze data quickly and make decisions now.

Instant Access to Real-Time Data

In a business where predictions can turn into profits, having up-to-the-second information can give you powerful insights and help you make smart decisions. GrayMatter puts decision makers in touch information dashboards so they can make critical business decisions whether they are in the office, at the airport, in the field or at home. We provide you with critical business intelligence now – not months from now – so you can make decisions faster.

Field data capture and collaboration

GrayMatter provides operators with the ability to log critical information from anywhere on any mobile device, whether captured from a meter at the well site or pulled from a truck manifest. Information flows directly from the field into centralized systems, where data can be historized, analyzed and made available to those who need it.

Step-by-Step Electronic Work Orders On Mobile Devices

Give your operators and technicians a dynamic task list with interactive, step-by-step instructions with Mobile Tasks. By driving your team to the right actions, you can increase process efficiency and quality, enforce compliance, and reduce time and waste. Operators can receive an alert about an upcoming issue and see the exact steps to take.

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