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3 Destructive Myths That Kill SCADA Upgrades


There’s Plenty of Excuses for Putting Off a SCADA Upgrade.

Learn the most common ones and find out why they don’t make sense.

A system comprised of software and hardware working in unison is an amazing thing and theoretically, if all goes well, you can keep a system running for a pretty long time.

Hardy, well-written software can chug along for months – even years – without failure. Industrial hardware is built to last. But when systems get old, there’s inherent risks in letting them age without upgrading.

Sure, the system is running today, but what if you’re in charge of a municipality’s computer system that ensures clean, consistent water is delivered to hundreds of thousands of people’s homes?

What if you oversee operations at a major food and beverage manufacturer? Do you want your significant automation investment to run on hardware the original manufacturer put on the end-of-life list three years ago? Do you want the profitability of your operations to hinge on software that should’ve been upgraded seven versions ago?

This document will outline the common situations that hinder SCADA upgrades and offer strategies for how to get around these reasons.

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Frustration over SCADA Upgrade

How Does This Stuff Work Anyway?

Inheriting a system you don’t understand is tough but that shouldn’t keep you from upgrading.

Budget woes threaten SCADA upgrades

There’s No Budget for an Upgrade – Ever

Lack of budget can stall an upgrade project – money is always an issue. But what if that excuse is used year after year?

If It Aint Broke, Don't Fix It doesn't always apply to SCADA Projects

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

The old adage is a great example of why legacy SCADA systems stay legacy and sometimes it applies — until there’s a major problem.



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