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Your Front Door is Bolted, but the Back Window is Wide Open: OT Cyber Security Webinar

September 29, 2016 | 2 PM EST | Hosted by Steve Varmuza and Bill Weed of Gray Matter Systems
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You’ve set up a firewall. Hired a CISO. Bought Palo Alto.

Maybe you’ve even added an assessment from a large consulting group. Those action items and checked boxes are giving you a sense of security, a plan. But the problem is, it’s a false sense of security. You still haven’t protected your operational technology and that’s a huge problem.

According to the HIS technology report, “Industrial IoT 2014,” less than half of Internet-connected devices are above the firewall. More than half are actually below it — in the operational technology (OT) underbelly.

Imagine a house with a bolted front door and a state-of-the-art home security system out front. It may seem secure, but the back window is wide open, curtains billowing in the wind — leaving it vulnerable to outside threats.

Your cyber security plan is no different. Ignoring operational technology cyber security is like leaving the back window or door wide open.

Join this free webinar to hear two operational technology experts from the GrayMatter team address the major vulnerabilities and how to overcome them.

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