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emPOWERUP Virtual 2021 Agenda

GE Digital’s iFIX 6.5 Packs Upgrade-Worthy Updates

Presenter: Greg Hazel, GrayMatter

It’s here! iFIX 6.5 delivers Central Web-Based Configuration for increased productivity and Rapid Application Development.

GE Digital’s major 2021 iFIX release introduces powerful, web-based configuration and Object Orientation. Its unified Proficy development environment allows for multiple HMI/SCADA developers to work simultaneously on the same project configuration from anywhere on your network. Plus, the modern, web-based UI/UX streamlines iFIX tag database development efforts.

In this session, GrayMatter’s Greg Hazel will demonstrate how iFIX 6.5’s new capabilities decrease development and deployment time and increase productivity while supporting lean and continuous improvement efforts. You’ll learn how to create objects, and object instances, browse IGS and OPC UA sources, and quickly and automatically create tags in iFIX and Proficy Historian.

Greg will also showcase how iFIX 6.5 provides out-of-the-box high-performance HMI sample systems for water/wastewater, food and beverage and other industrial users, along with ISA-compliant capabilities including alarm shelving, dynamos and model-based visualizations.

Connecting and Increasing Efficiencies
with IoT, Wireless and Cloud Solutions

Presenter: Kelli Settell, GrayMatter

Learn how you can implement Edge and wireless devices that are secure and quick to deploy with your existing equipment and controls. Enable your facility and update your machinery in a streamline approach to increase your uptime and efficiencies, head off any unplanned downtime, and improve machine insight.

The session will highlight Emerson’s Edge technology as a means of securely capturing existing critical data and wireless technology additions as needed to feed a cloud or on-premises SCADA system and analytics packages. We’ll also spend time discussing browser-based flow editing two quickly and efficiently connect industrial hardware devices, APIs and cloud web services such as Microsoft Azure that provide the secure backbone for powerful Advanced Industrial Analytics solutions.

deceptionGUARD: Deceiving Cyber Criminals
& Harvesting Intelligence to Protect Industrial Operations

Presenter: Scott Christensen, GrayMatter

GrayMatter’s cybersecurity director outlines GrayMatter’s new deception technology offering, deceptionGUARD.

We’re simplifying the process of deploying virtual decoys and sirens to stop cyber-attacks by diverting them to harmless, fake targets at your network’s perimeter. Learn about how virtual decoys and sirens mimic real industrial PLCs and network traffic and automatically trigger an alert when  threats perform a network reconnaissance scan or attempt to gain access. Deception technology makes it easy to block traffic by geo-location, tailor protection specifically for an organization’s Operational Technology network and act early in the cyber kill chain.

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