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First Look at Proficy Operations Hub 2.1

AUG 4, 11 AM ET

GE Digital is poised to release Proficy Operations Hub *2.1 in Summer 2021. The latest version will include a series of upgrades and updates including new iFIX SCADA graphical Mimics and Alarm visualizations, as well as enhanced Trending and new widgets.

Ops Hub 2.1 Features:

  • Trend Widget Enhancements
  • Designer Configurations (Favorites & Sampling Mode)
  • Default Mode is now Interpolated
  • Duration as Time Before Now
  • Single Y Axis for all Pens
  • New HMI Widgets
  • Mimic
  • Alarm
  • Webspace
  • Install Improvements
  • New stock widgets: Grid, Pareto Chart, Spider Chart, Sparkline, Bullet Graph and iFrame
Find out how to leverage the latest features and plan an update from a previous version.