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November 2, 2021
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November 16, 2021

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5 Musts to Button Up Your Operational Cybersecurity Before 2021 Ends

Speaker: Scott Christensen, GrayMatter

It's been quite a year (or 11 months) for cybersecurity professionals. So, we'll kick off GrayMatter's Cybersecurity Summit with some recommendations on how to start 2022 with a clear vision for strengthening your organization's industrial cybersecurity with a special emphasis on the top challenges confronting OT Cybersecurity Professionals in 2022:

  • Growing Number of Government Regulations Requiring Companies to Close Cyber Vulnerabilities
  • Continued Expansion of Remote Work Accessibility
  • Persistent Ransomware-type Threats and Attempts to Weaponize OT Assets

Best Practices for Building Your Industrial Operation's Cybersecurity Strategy

Panelists: Brian Vezza, Dematic; Amadou Diaw, Dematic; Scott Christensen, GrayMatter

If your organization doesn't have the fundamentals of OT cybersecurity in place, the technology you're using to protect your systems won't be as effective as it can be. In this session, we'll highlight what controls your company should have in place, how to evaluate them and what to do if you've identified some gaps.

This session will feature a Q&A session with GrayMatter customer Dematic.


The Future of the Intelligence Manufacturing & Distribution Center

Speaker: Brian Vezza, Sr. Strategic Digital Advisor, Dematic

In this session, we'll discuss the critical need to secure distribution center industrial systems and data, highlight the differences between industrial security and enterprise security and explain how cybersecurity assessments are key to dealing with a growing number of cyber threats.


Targa Resources Interview: How to Evaluate Cyber Solutions & Increase Network Visibility

Speaker: Will Gage, Targa Resources

A conversation with Targa Resources SCADA Director Will Gage about how he evaluates the wide variety of tools and solutions in the cybersecurity marketplace, why improving network visibility is critical and the future of cyber regulations in OT cyber.


What CISA's Latest Advisory and Recommendations Mean for Water/Wastewater & Other Industrial Operations

Speakers: Jeff Rotberg, Tenable & Scott Christensen, GrayMatter

CISA issued "Ongoing Cyber Threats to U.S. Water and Wastewater Systems" to highlight the huge danger that ransomware continue to pose to the industry. More importantly, CISA included a number of mitigation measures that industrial operations should consider. We'll use this short session to help attendees prioritize CISA's recommendations.


3 Steps to Stop Active Directory Misconfigurations in OT Cyber Environments

Speakers: Michael Rothschild and Jeff Rotberg, Tenable

Microsoft Active Directory is among the most popular online directory and identity management services, but it's also prone to misconfigurations that attackers can leverage to deploy ransomware, steal sensitive data or persist inside a breached network.

In this session, Directors Michael Rothschild and Jeff Rotberg, both from GrayMatter's partner Tenable, will highlight how water/wastewater and others tasked with securing critical infrastructure can leverage tools and best practices to find potential threats in OT and Active Directory, prioritize mitigation measures and more easily view network machine vulnerabilities.

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