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Empowering Citizen Data Scientists & Energy Engineers with Advanced Industrial Analytics

When remote work became the new normal, Advanced Industrial Analytics moved to the top of the priority list.

Watch the on-demand webinar on WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) feautring Carson Drake, co-founder of GrayMatter and Erik Udstuen, CEO of TwinThread. They discuss how Advanced Industrial Analytics technology and strategy can reduce operational costs and energy consumption.

3 Strategies We’ll Cover: 
Setting your goals
Are you trying to improve product quality?
Maybe equipment downtime is a challenge?
Or perhaps it’s managing energy and resource consumption?
Making Predictions
Choosing the right combination of data points at this stage will identify the appropriate mathematical model – a machine learning algorithm – and then fine-tune it as raw data begins flowing through it.
Connected Operations
If you can’t connect your real-time data to actions on the plant floor, what use is it? Carson and Erik will also share real-time examples of how industrial companies are using Advanced Analytics to reduce variability and provide savings to support future innovation.

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Featured Speakers 


Co-Founder & VP, GrayMatter

A seasoned MES and Manufacturing Intelligence expert, Carson Drake has been combining Industrial Intelligence best practices with emerging technology to solve complex business problems for over 25 years.


Co-Founder & CEO, TwinThread

An Industrial Intelligence expert and former GE Digital executive, Erik Udstuen co-founded TwinThread, the Digital Innovation Platform that brings together process experts, equipment experts, and data experts to rapidly create, validate and monetize Industrial Internet applications.

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