Empowering Citizen Data Scientists & Energy Engineers with Advanced Industrial Analytics: Online Webinar

Water Innovations Create Better Living
January 10, 2021
Free Webinar: Using Proficy Operations Hub for Centralized Visualization and Contextual Data Analysis
January 14, 2021

When remote work became the new normal, Advanced Industrial Analytics moved to the top of the priority list.

Watch the on-demand webinar on WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) feautring Carson Drake, co-founder of GrayMatter and Erik Udstuen, CEO of TwinThread. They discuss how Advanced Industrial Analytics technology and strategy can reduce operational costs and energy consumption.

3 Strategies We’ll Cover:

Setting your goals

Are you trying to improve product quality?
Maybe equipment downtime is a challenge?
Or perhaps it’s managing energy and resource consumption?

Making Predictions

Choosing the right combination of data points at this stage will identify the appropriate mathematical model – a machine learning algorithm – and then fine-tune it as raw data begins flowing through it.

Connected Operations

If you can’t connect your real-time data to actions on the plant floor, what use is it? Carson and Erik will also share real-time examples of how industrial companies are using Advanced Analytics to reduce variability and provide savings to support future innovation.

Featured Speakers


Co-Founder & VP, GrayMatter

A seasoned MES and Manufacturing Intelligence expert, Carson Drake has been combining Industrial Intelligence best practices with emerging technology to solve complex business problems for over 25 years.


Co-Founder & CEO, TwinThread

An Industrial Intelligence expert and former GE Digital executive, Erik Udstuen co-founded TwinThread, the Digital Innovation Platform that brings together process experts, equipment experts, and data experts to rapidly create, validate and monetize Industrial Internet applications.