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May 30, 2019 Jeremy Boren

Disruptive Tech from Keystone Clearwater, Smucker’s & Marzetti

Keystone Clearwater water management with GrayMatter

WaterForce Adapts to Challenges of Remote Work Sites

GrayMatter co-innovated with Hershey, Pa.-based Keystone Clearwater Solutions to create WaterForce — a new way of thinking about water management solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Remote drill sites are often tucked into hillsides that interrupt radio signals or are too far from populated areas to access cell phone communications.

Those challenges have led many to believe it’s not feasible to use wireless technology to monitor and control water pipeline systems.

That’s why GrayMatter and Keystone Clearwater Solutions worked together to create WaterForce, a smart-sensor, turnkey solution that’s flexible enough to adapt to any terrain.

“One of our customers described it as the Cadillac of automated water management systems.”

Jeff Wehler, Senior Vice President & Controller, Keystone Clearwater Solutions, LLC

Read our latest case study about working with Keystone.

Smucker’s Highlights How Analytics, Data Viz Can ‘Tell a Story’

Smucker’s recently published its Fiscal Year 2020 Company Insight, an interactive video series and magazine that explores how the company is innovating.

Smucker’s, a GrayMatter partner, dedicated a section of the Insight report to data visualization and analytics. Smucker’s has invested in gathering actionable data from its facilities to reduce waste and downtime and to help its customers make better business decisions.

VP of Information Services Bryan Hutson writes, “We believe that our use of analytics and data visualization must tell a story that leads to actionable results to be considered valuable. Our organization is fortunate to include people who are passionate about our internal partners and their data. They bring expertise in collecting, connecting, assembling, analyzing and visualizing data to help our business leaders have greater confidence in the decisions they make.”

You can read more of Bryan’s comments here.

Two of Smucker’s top Information Services pros, John Baier and Kevin Briggs, will speak at GrayMatter’s Industrial Intelligence Conference: Transform 2019, which is July 30 – Aug. 1 at Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

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T. Marzetti Co. Set to Open Innovation Center

T Marzetti, a GrayMatter partner, knows the value of innovation. The speciality food company is planning to open its first “innovation center” in Lewis Center, Ohio, this summer reports Columbus Business First.

“The 45,000-square-foot research-and-development facility will help the Columbus, Ohio-based company coordinate some of its product development efforts, and will give its culinary and product development teams a facility to allow them to meet with customers for collaboration.”

T. Marzetti will be presenting at Transform 2019 about its innovation, collaborative work with GrayMatter.

Read more about T. Marzetti’s digital transformation here.

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