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GrayMatter Case Study

Digitizing Standard Operating Procedures to Ensure Safety, Security & Compliance at Orlando Utilities Commission


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the water/wastewater industry or not, imagine the intense smell from an overly chlorinated pool on a hot summer day. The kind of smell that burns your nose and turns your eyes red.

Now multiply that reaction by 5,000 and that only begins to illustrate the potential danger water operators can face when dealing with chlorine leaks or spills in a utility.

For municipalities across the country that deal with potentially hazardous chemicals on such a frequent basis, like Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC), keeping operators safe is the top priority.

Today’s forward-thinking utilities like OUC are using technology to keep their operators safe in these kind of situations. That technology, in the form of sophisticated software, is also helping utilities improve operations.

Orlando Utilities Commission implemented Proficy Workflow from GE Intelligent Platforms, a work process management software tool that digitizes standard operating procedures (SOPs) and automates workflows.

This document will outline how these digital standard operating procedures ensured safety, security and compliance at OUC.

Critical Life Safety Alarms for Chlorine Levels

Operators at OUC decided to first standardize procedures for responding to alarms like the critical life safety alarms for chlorine levels.

Using Work Flows for Security

In a post-9/11 world, it’s more important than ever for utilities to strengthen security in the plant.

Future Work Flows

Future work flows could improve operations by addressing a disagreement between two pieces of equipment at OUC.

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