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GrayMatter works with water utilities, municipalities and cities, and wastewater treatment plants as they begin their digital utility journey.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is creating huge opportunities in the water and wastewater industries, adding value to both the utility and the consumer.

Through continued automation efforts, the cost of producing 1,000 CF of water is still at the same level as 1992.

Connected machines are reshaping the way utilities operate, allowing them to make smarter and more decisions. By driving up innovation, water utilities are driving down cost.

GrayMatter co-innovates with the top utilities in the US and in Canada and we’re seeing transformations when it comes to efficiency and water quailty – leading to intelligent water systems.

The following are examples of specific breakthroughs we’ve achieved at various utilities:

digital utility

99% improvement in sewer station failure rate 

digital utility

50% fewer pump station inspections

digital utility

$300,000 yearly savings in alarm efficiencies

digital utility

15% reduction in compliance costs

``Partnerships between technology companies and utility companies are facilitating innovation,`` said GrayMatter CEO, Jim Gillespie in TechCrunch. ``It truly is a transformative time in the industry and the results couldn't be more pure – better drinking water for everyone.``

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