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Industry 4.0

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Every business is now a digital business.

Digital tools are essential to become a factory of the future, but so is digital expertise.

Everyone collects data, but our team can show you how to move to the next level and interact with the operational technology data to make value-driven decisions. The following are significant results we’ve achieved for our customers:

digital industry 4.0

10-point improvement on time delivery

digital industry 4.0

10-20% reduced unplanned downtime

Digital industry 4.0

45 minutes saved per shift, per line

Digital industry 4.0

Increased capacity by 20%

“Companies I’ve worked with come in just to solve the problem they were hired to do — the GrayMatter team embraces the ebbs and flows we put forth all the time in defining a Brilliant Factory.” – Tod Virden, GE Transportation

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