Defense-in-Depth Tactics that Cybersecurity Pros Should Know

Q&A with Andrea Passman, VP of Engineering at CNX
February 11, 2020
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February 17, 2020

Join GrayMatter’s cybersecurity experts, Scott Christensen and Tom Walker, for an in-depth look at detection tactics for industrial operations. Learn how to plan and deploy an industrial cybersecurity strategy that allows real-time monitoring of IoT and ICS networks to guard against targeted attacks, the rising threat of malware and potential risks posed by trusted insiders and third-parties.


As industrial companies and utilities connect more systems through digital transformation, they introduce new risks to their environments.

GrayMatter’s Cyber offering is built around mitigating those risks. Our expertise in operational technology is unmatched, giving us a clear advantage in securing the industrial space.

Learn more about our vulnerability assessment and deception technology offering, deceptionGUARD.