Your terabytes of data are welcome here.

With GE Digital's Proficy Historian, you can collect industrial time-series and A&E data at high speed, securely scale up to 100 million tags and you can see big savings compared to OSI PI.

Your terabytes of data are welcome. Store large amounts of data - GE provides native cloud integration to efficiently move or store data to the cloud. Get ultra-fast retrieval and analysis, so you can unlock new value from your equipment, process data and business models.

  • Get the best of both on-premise storage and native cloud connectivity, secure by design
  • Achieve compression that is approximately 2x more efficient than the leading competitor and 30x more efficient than relational databases
  • Use a modern UX for data visualization and analysis where and when you need it
  • Go Big Data and scale to 100 million tags

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LNS Research

Proficy Historian for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Traditionally, to meet the needs of industrial users, operational historians on-prem stored and retrieved the massive amounts of OT data generated by their equipment and processes. Furthermore, many of these industrial users paid up to 90% higher costs for a competitive historian compared to GE Digital’s analyst-recommended historian.

With the only Native Cloud service for a historian, GE Digital and AWS are significantly reducing the costs of deployment and maintenance, eliminating disruptions due to upgrades, and easily aggregating data across industrial plants for enterprise-wide optimization.


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