ProjectX: Zekelman Industries Prioritizes Employee Buy-In to Strengthen OT Cybersecurity Program
September 13, 2022
Cyber + Steak: Houston Oct. 5
September 15, 2022

Cyber + Steak: Denver

October 4, 2022

GrayMatter & Tenable are hosting a small group of Industrial Intelligence leaders for a Cyber & Steak Dinner.

These are a few topics we can discuss over dinner, but it's not a formal presentation, so it's really what's of interest to you:

  • Detecting Zero-Day Cyber Threats Faster
  • Planning for the Future of Government Cybersecurity Regulations
  • Building an Effective Cybersecurity Assessment Strategy
  • Getting Leadership Buy-in for OT-specific Cybersecurity

If you're interested in joining, contact us to RSVP. Email or use the orange chat box below.