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How one tool brings together all the information regulators need: A City of Barrie water utility case study

Digitizing Data Forensics

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By using an automatic data management tool instead of manually searching through data, the city saved 60 to 70-percent time used during regulatory inspections.

A control system that’s responsible for servicing over 150,000 people has multiple applications, each with its own data source, and requires a tedious, time-consuming process of manually sifting through paper logbooks and binder after binder of printed reports when gaps exist in data sets.

This wastes time, money and causes a major headache for plant employees.

The City of Barrie was determined to fix this, saving 60 to 70-percent of the time previously used as a result of digital transformation.

By implementing a new data management tool, it allowed them to:

  • Data commenting
  • Workflow for report approvals
  • Tag merge
  • Lab data integration and electronic logbooks

Download the white paper to learn more about how the City of Barrie saved time, money and frustrations from their digital transformation.

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