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CIOs Weigh In On the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Real Barriers & Opportunities Ahead
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The Industrial IoT holds a great promise for industrial organizations – at least for those that have control over their data.

Our technology Partner, Bit Stew Systems, From GE Digital, commissioned IDG Research to conduct a Quick Pulse survey with senior IT executives to understand how their organizations are being impacted by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Bit Stew from GE Digital Gray Matter Systems

The resulting white paper explores the data-centric challenges that threaten to increase costs or stall an IIoT initiative. For companies that can’t or don’t get their arms around these problems, a lot is at risk. In fact, 33% of senior IT executives say they are afraid that businesses that don’t adopt a data management strategy will become marginalized, obsolete, or disappear.

This white paper presents a data intelligence solution that can solve the data integration problem six times faster than traditional ETL methods and generate more than 90% in cost savings.

" We have seen firsthand, how the data integration problem has challenged IT and OT teams for decades and now the advent of IIoT adoption is compounding the problem. "
Jeremiah Stone, GM of Asset Performance Management at GE Digital

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