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February 17, 2020 Jeremy Boren

Bell Boeing Reveals New Osprey, Shell’s AI Training, GrayMatter 2020 Events

CMV-22B Osprey Will Replace C-2A Greyhound Fleet

Source: Bell Textron

A partnership between Bell Textron and Boeing debuted the CMV-22B Osprey during an impressive reveal ceremony for the U.S. Navy. The ceremony showcases the Osprey’s precision vertical takeoff and landing capabilities.

Precision flight is important for the CMV-22B. The aircraft is intended to replace the C-2A Greyhound fleet, an aircraft carrier cargo workhorse that does not have vertical takeoff and landing capability. And here’s what else makes the Osprey special:

“It is the only aircraft that can land on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier with the F-35C engine power module safely secured inside its fuselage and provide roll-on/roll-off delivery,” Vertical Magazine reports.

McKinsey Survey Finds AI Cuts Costs for Manufacturers

Source: Pixabay

WSJ highlights some key findings from the latest McKinsey Global Institute report regarding AI adoption among high-performing enterprises.

“Cost decreases were most pronounced in manufacturing, spend analytics and logistics-network optimization,” according to WSJ’s CIO column.

AI high performers had significantly higher revenue increases and cost reductions — being nearly three times as likely as other companies to report revenue gains of more than 10%, and more than four times as likely to report cost reductions of at least 10%.”

Other major findings include:

• Three-quarters of companies using AI plan to increase their investments in the next three years;

• AI adoption among industries is growing the most in high tech (78%), automotive and assembly (76%), and telecom (72%)

• 86% have cybersecurity risk mitigation plans

Shell Trains Thousands of Employees in AI

Source: Shell

Royal Dutch Shell is encouraging about 2,000 engineers to take online classes in artificial intelligence from Udacity, and online education company, reports WSJ.

• Shell has a broader strategy to embed AI across its operations, a move that has helped the oil giant lower costs and avoid downtime. Other oil-and-gas companies that have tapped AI to improve operations and reduce costs include Exxon Mobil Corp., BP PLC and Chevron Corp, WSJ reports.

“Artificial intelligence enables us to process the vast quantity of data across our businesses to generate new insights which can keep us ahead of the competition,” said Yuri Sebregts, Shell’s chief technology officer, in an email.

GrayMatter Brings emPOWERUP 2020 Events to Eight Cities

Choose your city empowerup 2020
Source: GrayMatter

GrayMatter has eight training opportunities coming up in eight cities this year!

Find the one closest to you and register today, and click the “Tickets” button to register.

Here’s a rundown of the half-day agenda:

Networking Breakfast – 7:45 AM
Connect and Control, Securely – 8:10 AM

Gain insights into how controllers designed with end-to-end security features encrypt sensitive information, recognize unauthorized attempts to modify software applications and establish edge-to-cloud connections that include role-based access and certificate exchange.

The Benefits of Edge Computing – 9:00 AM

Learn the benefits of edge computing, control and data acquistion utilizing a signal hypervised industrial device

Break – 9:45 AM
What’s New in Historian 8.0 & Building the Digital Plant– 10:00 AM
First Look at GE Digital’s New HTML5 Web Client, Proficy Operations Hub – 10:45 AM

Take a first look at GE Digital’s new HTML5 web client, Proficy Operations Hub utilizing MQTT and Proficy Historian 8.0 asset model.

emPOWERGUARD: Overcoming IT/OT Convergence Challenges – 11:15 AM

Hear from GrayMatter’s cybersecurity leader on how we help arm customers with detailed knowledge about network topology and risks plus mitigate the risk of losing sensitive data.

What’s New in iFIX 6.1 – 12:00 PM

Discover what’s new in the iFIX 6.1 release including OPC-UA and Rapid Application Development.

Lunch & Q&A – 12:45 PM
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