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February 15, 2022
New Kent Virginia SCADA Technology
GrayMatter Keeps New Kent ‘Ahead of the Game’ in SCADA Technology
February 25, 2022

5 Ways to Transform HMI/SCADA with Centralized, Intuitive Visualizations

Mar. 24, 2022 | 11:30 AM MT/1:30 PM ET

Join GrayMatter and AWWA talk ISA 101 Standards, GE Digital's latest versions of Proficy Operations Hub, iFIX, and other tools.


About the Event

Centralized data visualizations that can be built with little to no code are critical to creating dashboards and reporting systems that can help your water/wastewater team improve operational efficiency, incident response times, and regulatory compliance.

Data visualization experts from GrayMatter and the Orlando Utilities Commission, a GrayMatter client, will discuss how ISA 101 Standards, GE Digital's latest versions of Proficy Operations Hub, iFIX, and other tools are changing the way water/wastewater operators working remotely and on site to collect, analyze, and take action on machine asset data. We will also discuss how operator input is incorporated into visualization design, third-party solution support, and how to assist operators' decision-making process.

Participants will value the high level of water/wastewater industry experience and technical expertise that our presenters bring to the table. The webinar focuses on concrete solutions that participants will be able to take back to their teams and discuss how to adapt them to their needs.

Data visualization represents a huge potential upside for facilities willing to investigate the long-term benefits. This webinar will give everyone the information they need to either use their existing HMI/SCADA systems in new ways or to begin the process of adopting centralized visualization and data dashboarding.



  • MAR. 24, 1:30 PM ET


Learning Objectives:

  • Reduce the time and effort required to build custom reports and visualizations
  • Flatten the learning curve for new operators
  • Improve communication about time-sensitive operations with managers & non-technical leaders
  • Speed up reports to regulators and other compliance personnel
  • Strengthen collaboration and continuous improvement via mobile and remote technology

Learn from this webinar's esteemed presenters:

John Benitz, Chief Technical Officer, GrayMatter & Sr. Member of ISA Committee and ISA 101 Standard Co-Author; James Alday, SCADA Coordinator, Orlando Utilities Commission; Greg Hazel, Solutions Consultant, GrayMatter