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Continuing the Gray Matter Cyber Education Series

Free Webinar: Accelerate Time to Operational Technology Protection

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Faster Time to Value for Operational Technology (OT) Security

Our customers are telling us that the cyber headache is only growing in operational technology and when they look at the list of priorities it could take several years just to get their heads above water.

Armed with this knowledge, we developed a speed to operational technology protection cyber plan that you can put in place right now — without having to redesign your whole architecture.

The rapid digital assessment often takes a few hours to a day and micro-segmentation can often be done within a week.

Once you get the fast protection, you can start breathing and prioritize next steps. Faster security allows you to multiply the impact of your team, allowing them to make smarter decisions in less time.

Join two operational technology consultants from GrayMatter, Steve Varmuza and Bill Weed, as they detail how to accelerate time to OT protection in our third installment of the cyber education series.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Specific steps to accelerate time to operational technology protection
  • Roadblocks to avoid that exacerbate the cyber headache
  • How to multiply the impact of your cyber team

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