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A ‘No Compromises’ Cyber Security Strategy for IT and OT Taking on the Industrial IoT

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In the emerging Industrial IoT world, everything is converging onto a common network.

We see water pumps, robotics, medical devices, and heavy machinery being connected to the same network that supports printers, PCs, and corporate servers. Historically, these two worlds have been separate, but the Industrial IoT is bringing them together quickly as the data these endpoints generate give way to valuable insight into the revenue-generating elements of the enterprise. These realities are driving the need for the next generation of cyber security solutions to protect business critical assets and devices and endpoints that are not built to protect themselves.

Join this webinar to learn valuable insights and interact with seasoned security expert Rob Goss of Tempered Networks. The discussion will squarely address the conundrum that Industrial IoT presents to CISOs with respect to meeting IT and OT imperatives, while reducing their organizations’ risk profile. The discussion will focus on:

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  • The core connectivity architecture model for the Industrial IoT that is secure by default
  • Best practices for safeguarding your OT and IT systems and endpoints that cannot protect themselves
  • Customer examples of private overlay networks based on whitelisting used to protect high value assets and endpoints

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Rob Goss
Tempered Networks

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