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6 Causes of Rogue Programming In Manufacturing — and 5 Reasons You Need to Avoid it


There is tension between IT and manufacturing.

Manufacturing lives in the here and now, with product on the floor, trucks at the dock, and metrics that measure to several decimal places. IT often has programs that span multiple quarters and has intangible goals like migrating to a common technology stack.

For IT, hitting a project timeline and budget within 10% of estimates is still considered pretty good. IT assumes forgiveness for this sort of miss from internal “customers,” but manufacturing must meet commitments to THE customer and misses of any magnitude can bring severe punishment.

The divergence of thought between the two functions can provide fertile ground for something called “rogue” programming to creep into manufacturing plants.

This white paper will identify 6 causes of rogue programming and offer 5 reasons why you need to avoid it.

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