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Why the System Assessment is Critical to a Successful SCADA Upgrade


Of course, upgrades are nothing new – nearly every company or organization has been through some kind of system upgrade.

Whether it’s as simple as updating the operating system on a PC or as involved as a full-fledged SCADA upgrade project, many organizations have experienced it.

While  system upgrades may seem daunting at first, organizations will more often than not run through an assessment for virtually any sort of process modification – with the exception of a SCADA upgrade.

For whatever reason, when some organizations talk about completing an assessment as a first action toward a SCADA upgrade, it’s often viewed as an extravagant step or unnecessary. But in reality, the upgrade is hardly different than any other change made to process.

Download this white paper to learn why an assessment is a can’t-skip step in a SCADA upgrade and get some insights into how to pull off a proper evaluation before you start.

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