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Unlocking the Dollars: How Gray Matter’s Mobile Solution Transformed Headaches into Huge Savings

Digitizing a manual data entry process saves big and empowers people to work smarter.

Gray Matter has a new solution to help transform manual data entry processes into digital insights for manufacturers, utilities and energy companies–  transforming headaches into huge savings.

Mobility@Work digitizes information that would have been buried in stacks of paper and puts data in a format that can be used for big picture analysis. Hauling manifests, inspections, scheduling, incidents, inventory and time sheets are all transformed from piles on someone’s desk to an easy to read digital presentation.

Mobility@Work can be used in every industry, but this case study showcases the significant value to the energy company by transforming their water hauling process. Download the case study to learn how Gray Matter solved the manual data entry problem and helped them save nearly $1 million in just the first year.

Download the Case Study

Anadarko mobility at work

Take Your Digital Journey with Gray Matter: Free eBook

With the popularity of the Industrial Internet comes buzz words and pressure that you have to change now to survive.

It’s true– you do have to act fast– but we can help you cut through the chaos and decipher your digital priorities and first steps.

Embracing data and analytics as the driving force of your transformation is key and it’s where our expertise lies.

We’ve lived on the operations floor for the past 25 years and we know what you need to win– not just keep up with technology.

Download the free ebook for an in-depth look into how we’ve helped some of the biggest companies in the world transform into digital, industrial operations.

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Tracking Your Cyber Investment: Q&A with Kemell Kassim, Gray Matter VP

Operational technology is increasingly at risk and the vulnerability assessment is the first step. But you also need to track your total cyber security investment and make sure your money is reducing risk and reducing your cyber insurance premium. 

At Gray Matter we not only do a vulnerable assessment for your OT network, we create a security baseline for each asset with an IP address. 

We use our 25 plus years of experience in OT to help you decide where to invest first. During our regular updates with customers, we share how specific investments have worked to reduce cyber risk. Has the money you’ve already spent in OT vulnerability remediation had any impact on your cyber scorecard? 

In a recent interview with ARC Advisory Group, Gray Matter VP Kemell Kassim detailed Gray Matter cyber initiatives and ROI case studies.

Download the Q&A

Gray Matter Water Innovations Create Better Living

Top utilities in the US and Canada are seeing digital transformations when it comes to efficiency, intelligent water systems and water quality.

But it’s more than that– water is becoming cool. It’s an inspiring place to work. A transformed industry.New technologies are giving people hope that they can achieve better standards of living and Gray Matter couldn’t be prouder to lead the way in the water evolution.

Download the white paper to read more on IoT in water, game-changing technology and real Gray Matter customer stories that increase efficiency and profitability in water.

Download the White Paper

Cyber Security for the Operational Technology (OT) World: A Guide

What good is a bolted front door if the back window is left wide open?

The expansion of the Industrial Internet is leading to the need for specialized cyber security tools to protect operational technology.

Securing your information technology (IT) is a good and important step in business, but don’t forget about locking up the systems we rely on most in manufacturing, energy and water – the operational technology.

Download the Gray Matter Cyber Security Guide for Operational Technology to get a comprehensive understanding of security in the OT world including top vulnerabilities. The guide walks you through the first steps in knowing what’s on your network and has specific advice about the assessment process from our top cyber security consultants.


operational technology cyber security

Digitizing Standard Operating Procedures to Ensure Safety, Security & Compliance at Orlando Utilities Commission

For municipalities across the country that deal with potentially hazardous chemicals on such a frequent basis, like Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC), keeping operators safe is the top priority.

Today’s forward-thinking utilities like OUC are using technology to keep them safe. That technology, in the form of sophisticated software, is also helping utilities improve operations.

Orlando Utilities Commission implemented Proficy Workflow from GE Intelligent Platforms, a work process management software tool that digitizes standard operating procedures (SOPs) and automates workflows.

This document will outline how these digital standard operating procedures ensured safety, security and compliance at OUC.


3 Destructive Myths That Kill SCADA Upgrades

Sure, your SCADA system is running today, but what if you’re in charge of a municipality’s system that ensures clean water is delivered to hundreds of thousands of people’s homes?

What if you oversee operations at a major food and beverage manufacturer? Do you want your significant automation investment to run on hardware the original manufacturer put on the end-of-life list three years ago?

This document will outline the common situations that hinder SCADA upgrades and offer strategies for how to get around these reasons.


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