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4 Things You Can Do to Curb Rogue Programming In Manufacturing

Skunkworks. Unsupported Software Development. Homegrown Applications. It’s All Rogue Programming.

In a previous white paper, 6 Causes of Rogue Programming In Manufacturing — and 5 Reasons You Need to Avoid it, we outlined the six reasons programmers go rogue in manufacturing environment and discussed the reasons this kind of practice needed to be avoided.

These practices are bore out of the tension between IT and Manufacturing.

The divergence of thought between the two functions can provide fertile ground for rogue programming to creep into manufacturing plants.


Why the System Assessment is Critical to a Successful SCADA Upgrade

For whatever reason, when some organizations talk about completing an assessment as a first action toward a SCADA upgrade, it’s often viewed as an extravagant step or unnecessary. But in reality, the upgrade is hardly different than any other change made to process.

Download this white paper to learn why an assessment is a can’t-skip step in a SCADA upgrade and get some insights into how to pull off a proper evaluation before you start.


6 Causes of Rogue Programming In Manufacturing — and 5 Reasons You Need to Avoid it

There is tension between IT and manufacturing. Manufacturing lives in the here and now, with product on the floor, trucks at the dock, and metrics that measure to several decimal places. IT often has programs that span multiple quarters and has intangible goals like migrating to a common technology stack.

For IT, hitting a project timeline and budget within 10% of estimates is still considered pretty good. IT assumes forgiveness for this sort of miss from internal “customers,” but manufacturing must meet commitments to THE customer and misses of any magnitude can bring severe punishment.

The divergence of thought between the two functions can provide fertile ground for something called “rogue” programming to creep into manufacturing plants.

This white paper will identify 6 causes of rogue programming and offer 5 reasons why you need to avoid it.


Improving Process Consistency and Efficiency by Linking Data from SCADA, CMMS

To link its SCADA, Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Document Management Systems (DMS) and to standardize workflow procedures to mitigate the loss of institutional knowledge due to workforce retirements, the Waterford Township Department of Public Works (DPW) implemented Proficy Workflow work process management software.


A New Approach to Safeguarding Your Industrial Control Systems & Assets

Nearly 14 million devices come online for the first time every day. With these new devices come the inevitability of attacks on your industrial control systems and assets.

And hackers are now targeting a wide variety of systems — including SCADA, network devices, embedded controllers, control system communication protocols, and physical access systems, among a long list.

Download this white paper to learn about a new approach for protecting your industrial control systems and more.

Photo courtesy Stròlic Furlàn

Photo courtesy
Stròlic Furlàn

The Virtual Thin SCADA Solution

As more companies move to PC-based data solutions, the reliability, maintenance and ease of deployment of these systems have become highly critical. In today’s data-driven world, companies are looking for fault-tolerant solutions that are easy to maintain and configure.

• 79% less downtime cost per user
• 34% less in maintenance
• 80% greater utilization of server resources

That solution is here: The Virtual Thin SCADA Architecture.


The Four Situations Causing ICS Security Nightmares In Your Network

Malicious cyber-attacks that devastate critical infrastructure are often enacted within the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Unfortunately, not only could this happen – it is happening – and widely publicized cyber-security attacks like Stuxnet and Flame have proven this so.

Here are four current, and fairly common, situations creating ICS security problems in current networking structures.


Methods of Redundant Data Storage for Proficy Historian 6.0

Data collection and storage technologies continue to evolve, and the standard conventions of how to store the data must be updated to meet modern business demands.

With today’s technologies, the inefficient and often inaccurate reporting solutions of the past are being driven into a new modern “Big Data” era. With the release of version 5.0 of Proficy Historian from GE Intelligent Platforms and VMWare® technology, new methods of redundant, high-availability data storage are coming to fruition.

To understand where the industry is headed, we must first understand where we are and where we have been. To accomplish this, this white paper will discuss how data was stored in previous versions of GE Intelligent Platform’s Proficy Historian product.


Five Myths About Plant Floor to SAP Integration

From years of experience talking with CIOs and directors of IT supporting manufacturing, operations, and supply chain, a grim picture of the reality of SAP integration projects has emerged.

Often, companies are left in the uncomfortable position of being completely dependent on the outside consultants they hired to do the integration; not to mention the significant impact on their IT budget.

Many plant floor to SAP integration projects have significant room for improvement. The intent of this document is to explore some alternatives to these statements.


Top 10 Myths about Version Control Management of your PLCs and Control Devices

In the increasingly complex world of computer-controlled automation processes, keeping all the parts of a system on the same page can be a daunting task.

But as systems grow, parts of the system change or pieces are added– sometimes, these adjustments go unnoticed. This is where version control comes in.

Unfortunately, the discussion around employing a version control software solution is weighed down by a number of myths. The intent of this document is to demystify version control and some of the surrounding misconceptions about the products, technology, and ease of use.


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