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The Industrial Internet and Industrial Big Data

Connected Machines, Data, Insights, and People
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Join this on-demand webinar to experience a powerful introduction to the Industrial Internet and Industrial Big Data.

This webinar will feature a high-level discussion around how GE’s $1.5 billion investment in new software and analytics can help you manage the Big Data hidden in your machines and extract intelligence from it.

This webinar will explain in simple terms what GE’s vision for the Industrial Internet and Industrial Big Data means to you. Learn how Industrial Big Data — the lifeblood of the Industrial Internet — is being harnessed to enhance assets and process performance in ways previously thought impossible.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Industrial Internet: How GE’s vision for combining Brilliant Machines, Data and Analytics, and People is fueling the future of industry
  • Industrial Big Data: What it is, how it is being used, and the three pillars which combine to help you predict, optimize, and learn.
  • A Reality Today: Learn about current Industrial Big Data use cases and how current technologies like Proficy Historian make this possible today
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