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Whether your facility is public or private, GrayMatter’s information-based water solutions can help you create an intelligent water or wastewater facility that will help you make informed decisions based on connected data sources to reduce loss, anticipate demand and increase reliability and security.

Increase Profits

Every drop of water treated carries with it a significant cost, so non-revenue water losses through system leaks, faulty customer meters and theft of services can add up to significant drains on the utility’s bottom line.

In addition, process and operation inefficiencies can result in excess consumption of energy and chemicals for treatment and disinfection that further brings down the profitability of the treatment facility.

Retain Operational Knowledge

As treatment technologies become more complex, automated data collection becomes that much more imperative. No operator, no matter how experienced, can possibly have full awareness of everything going on in complex processes and operations, let alone retain that information for any length of time. The problem is compounded by employee turnover that can rob a facility of essential information on how to manage uneven incoming streams, process upsets and equipment malfunctions.

The need for automated data collection is further compounded by environmental agency mandates for increasingly more rigorous record keeping, especially as many municipalities struggle to consistently comply with evolving drinking water standards and shrinking effluent discharge limits. Fines for non-compliance as well as negative publicity are strong incentives to maintain a complete record of plant process and operational data.

Proficy Historian is able to see inside the treatment plant as no operator can, and then capture and retain all relevant data. This data can then be mined for valuable information about how resources were managed, the volumes and characteristics of incoming streams and what operational procedures were taken during treatment and disinfection. Such a database is critical both as a training tool for new operators and for after-action reviews of upset situations. The data can also be analyzed for such diverse purposes as ensuring that groundwater resources are not over-exploited, and that in-field blending operations are conducted according to schedule.

Minimize System Risks

The right hardware or software solution can help ensure that operators are afforded the best tools possible to fully understand the treatment plant processes and operations and thus avoid harm to themselves, their coworkers, the utility’s capital assets, the environment and the community being served.

With more than 350,000 deployments in many types of industries worldwide, Proficy HMI/SCADA–iFIX is at the forefront of HMI/SCADA solutions. iFIX affords a robust SCADA engine, a rich set of connectivity options, open architecture and a highly scalable and distributed networking model. Water and wastewater systems minimize risks using iFIX’s advanced and distributed alarm and event management capabilities. Operators can divide the solution into functional areas, then distribute alarms across these areas. Alarm statistics and counters can also be used to offer insights into alarm situations and operator responses.

Maximize System Operability

Managing water and wastewater treatment plants gets more complicated every year as plants become larger, service areas expand and treatment technologies become more complex. Compounding the problem is a constant shortage of operators with high levels of certification.

Operators and supervisors both benefit from automation software that provides a clear picture of treatment processes and operations, conditions of fixed assets both in the treatment plant and in the field, and access to work orders, troubleshooting analysis and corrective action instructions, regardless of where problems arise within the service area.

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