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As water resources become more challenging and environmental regulations become more stringent, treating water and wastewater is becoming increasingly more technically complex. GrayMatter has years of experience of hardware and software solutions from GE Intelligent Platforms to dramatically boost the operational efficiency of even the most complex water or wastewater plant.

Provide Maximum Operator Information

Operating a complex water or wastewater treatment plant is not an easy job. The task, however, gets considerably easier and more efficient when an operator can see exactly what is going on throughout the system without being overwhelmed by all of the available information and knows what to do when something goes wrong.

GE Proficy Workflow software puts all standard operating procedures at the operator’s fingertips so there is never a situation of not knowing what to do next. Whether it’s a new operator learning an operation for the first time or a seasoned operator encountering a corrective action situation, Workflow gives every operator the institutional knowledge necessary to manage any type of process or operation.

Proficy Real-Time Information Portal provides plant-wide connectivity, analysis and web-based visualization for all online and process-based systems. This solution applies sophisticated trending, graphical presentation and statistical analysis to all online data for unique organization-wide views of plant operations and insights into how improvements can be made.

Minimize Operational Risks

Risks such as process upsets and excess power and chemical consumption often can be avoided through greater visibility into processes. As water and wastewater throughputs increase and treatment technologies become more complex, such adverse events have greater likelihood of taking place.

The use of automation solutions such as solutions such as Proficy HMI/SCADA–iFIX, Water InfoCenter and Proficy Troubleshooter give operators the much-needed window into plant processes and operations to avoid costly inefficiencies.

Proficy HMI/SCADA–iFIX and the Water InfoCenter Solution Pack that includes iFIX enhance the intelligence gleaned from the Proficy HMI/SCADA platform by allowing operators and engineers to respond more quickly to alarm events, providing instant post-alarm analysis for faster resolution and less downtime.

Troubleshooter, in turn, analyzes production upsets by extracting knowledge from historical and current process information, and enables the operator to visualize process problems as well as solutions for preventing their recurrence.

Protect System Assets

Nothing throws a wrench in a water or wastewater treatment plant’s operations like unplanned downtime on a critical piece of equipment. From the motors that drive the clarifiers, bar screens and blowers to the controllers that handle everything from valve activation to disinfection, treatment plants are filled with equipment that must be constantly watched for the tell-tale signs of wear or overloading. Monitoring far-flung field assets such as well pumps and lift stations can be even more problematic without proper monitoring and alarm solutions.

Redundancy and data integrity are major safeguards of system assets. Proficy Process Systems, which combines our PAC8000/RX3i controllers for distributed control systems with our Proficy HMI/SCADA–iFIX visualization application, achieves both of those goals. This combination of controllers and software affords optimal process and operation performance and visibility, thus maximizing uptime and productivity.

Proficy Cause+ allows operators to quickly respond to asset issues with instant post-alarm analysis via the live Proficy HMI/SCADA system. In addition, Key Performance Indicators provide operators with in-depth process knowledge and guidance for corrective actions. Where appropriate, operators can preempt alarms based on historical data to avoid unnecessary downtime. Thus, Cause+ gives operators the right tools for improving quality and process yields while ensuring that costly system assets are managed according to manufacturers” specifications and preventive maintenance schedules.

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