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Transform 2017 Keynotes: Kristi Woolsey & Paul Casto

Kristi Woolsey GrayMatter Transform 2017

About Kristi Woolsey, MAYA Design

Kristi is responsible for leading and growing the Creative Environments practice. She focuses on discovering and defining the connections between environment, culture and outcome.

Prior to joining MAYA Design, a technology innovation consultancy, Kristi worked in Washington D.C., as a management consultant, facilitating culture change tied to physical change for federal agencies. She has worked in California and Arizona as a behavioral strategist creating workplace, mixed use development and hospitality strategies. Kristi was also the CEO of her own firm that provided consultative services for architecture, interiors, FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) and construction. Additionally, she was on the faculty at Arizona State University teaching in both the Colleges of Architecture and Business, with research focused on the impact physical environment has on human behavior.

Kristi has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes and other top-tier outlets. You can also find her speaking about workplace, culture, community and the future of work at conferences across the country. See some of Kristi’s work:

Kristi Woolsey GrayMatter Transform 2017

Designing Culture: Behavioral
Strategy for the Workplace
By Kristi Woolsey

In today’s highly competitive landscape, humans are not just cogs in a machine. They are the machine itself. If you want to outstrip your competitors, you need to influence not only how people work, but also how they work together. Read More.

Kristi Woolsey Transform 2017

Designing Our Digital
Physical World
By Kristi Woolsey

Our physical surroundings exert influence over how we move, behave and experience life. The walls, the views, the colors and textures, the specific sequence of spaces; all of these physical realities create behavior preferences. Read More.

Paul Casto GE Digital Transform 2017

About Paul Casto, GE Digital

Paul is a leading practitioner in reliability and maintenance improvement methodologies. He has hands-on experience in reliability, maintenance, operations and engineering in the steel, aluminum, automotive, chemical, aerospace, consumer goods and construction industries. His current areas of focus include: value creation through reliability and maintenance, leveraging reliability to reduce operating cost, the application of advanced reliability tools, integrating operations into reliability and maintenance, reliability-based maintenance and shop floor culture change.

Paul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University, a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Marshall University Graduate College, an MBA from Clemson University and a Master’s in Maintenance Management and Reliability Engineering from the UT/Monash University program. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Tennessee and completing the Applied Statistics Strategies Certificate.

Paul is an ASQ certified Six Sigma Black Belt, holds ASQ certification in Reliability Engineering and Quality Engineering and is an SMRP Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional. See recent blog posts by Paul:

Know Where You Are Before You Plan Where To Go
By Paul Casto

We (Meridium, now part of GE Digital) have been in business for nearly 25 years, and I think it’s fair to say that every industrial company we’ve worked with has had similar intentions when it comes to choosing to deploy new technology — drive a better result. Read More.

Paul Casto GrayMatter Transform 2017

3 Steps for Making for Making Smart Cuts in a Tough Market
By Paul Casto

There are many market conditions that drive cost optimization, and the pressure is high in 2016 for many industries to accelerate efficiencies. Read More.

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