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Top 10 Myths about Version Control Management of your PLCs and Control Devices


In the increasingly complex world of computer-controlled automation processes, keeping all the parts of a system on the same page can be a daunting task. Multifaceted systems made up of a variety of robots, fi eld devices, control programs, drives, programming languages, fi le formats, and software applications need to be in sync for the whole process to carry on without impediment.

But as systems grow, parts of the system change or pieces are added– sometimes, these adjustments go unnoticed.

Undocumented updates to one facet can have unintended consequences down the line. And adjustments to processes made by one worker often come as a shock to the next, all because the work wasn’t recorded.

This is where version control comes in.

Unfortunately, the discussion around employing a version control software solution is weighed down by a number of myths. The intent of this document is to demystify version control and some of the surrounding misconceptions about the products, technology, and ease of use.

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Myth #1: I Don’t Need it, We’ve Been Running Our Plant Without it For Years

Myth #3: Version Control Programs Take Too Long to Implement

Myth #10: All Systems are About the Same, Anyway



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