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Gray Matter Systems White Paper

The Virtual Thin SCADA Solution


There was a time when PC-based control was a non-starter within the controls community.

And to some degree, it still is.

But as more companies move to PC-based data solutions, the reliability, maintenance and ease of deployment of these systems have become highly critical.

Numerous facilities cannot run without their SCADA systems or are required to maintain an electronic log of their critical data for either legal purposes and/or production/process reporting. Previously, companies have turned to various means to increase the uptime of their systems.

At one point it was common to have a spare data server ready to be plugged in should the primary data server fail. As time went on, the cold backup was made into a hot backup to form a redundant pair and remove the need of a manual startup of the backup server.

In today’s data-driven world, companies are looking for fault-tolerant solutions that are easy to maintain and configure.

That solution is here: The Virtual Thin SCADA Architecture. Download the white paper to learn more.

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