Industrial Reporting that Tames the Ocean of Data

It’s the first programming free, user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software designed specifically for industrial automation applications.  It is designed to be the simplest solution for extracting data from virtually any data source and providing automated reports to anybody, anywhere and any time.

Built on today’s modern technologies, this reporting solution fits perfectly for all types of reporting, from compliance reporting to performance, efficiency, and maintenance reporting in discrete, hybrid and process automation markets.  This solution makes information gathering and formatting so simple, you’ll be generating the reports you want, not just the reports that you absolutely need.

Data Collection

Robust communication kernel to collect data and alarms from multiple real time and historian sources. OPC, OLE and ODBC standards to connect and collect Data from different suppliers. Custom drivers to leverage native history from SCADA systems, DCS, RTU and more.

Data Logging

 Integrates a powerful historian module to log clean and accurate data in any standard database such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access.  Not just a reporting tool, but also as the ideal solution of field Data integration for enterprise applications. 

Data Extraction & Analysis

Integrates a user friendly object library to extract Data statistics and analysis to be displayed in multiple views like tables, Bars, Pies, Charts and more.

Report Design

 Intuitive graphical editor to create and save state of the art reports as templates. 

Report Generation & Distribution

Generate reports manually and automatically. The automatic mode enables to execute report on event and on schedule. When ready, reports can be automatically printed, emailed, stored and published over the web. 

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