We provide solutions to some of the most critical industries ranging from power generation, oil and gas, water and wastewater, to food and beverage. These industries demand 7 x 24  x 365 operations, innovative and proven technologies and a partner who can ensure their environments remain fully operational, while providing a level of data visibility that drives improved operating costs.

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Producing quality goods at the lowest possible cost is a major concern for manufacturers. We deliver solutions to monitor operations, provide the capability to analyze results and determine the root cause of problems.

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Oil and Gas

Enabling safe operation for personnel and the environment while helping to generate the greatest profitability, production and productivity from existing assets. Our solutions address upstream, midstream and downstream needs.

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Companies across North America have turned to GrayMatter for secure and reliable operations to manage operational performance and meet regulatory compliance.

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Food and Beverage

Our solutions help meet meet the ever changing demands of new regulations, customer shifting preferences and always changing competition.

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Power Generation

We provide solutions to help ensure critical assets run continually and associated control systems and instrumentation stay preforming at peak levels to maintain desired uptime.

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