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A New Approach to Safeguarding Your Industrial Control Systems and Assets


Attacks on Industrial Control Systems are becoming more and more prevalent.

Learn how to avoid four the most common situations that create ICS security vulnerabilities

Malicious cyber attacks that devastate critical infrastructure are often enacted within the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies.

While villains upload viruses to ‘the network’ in attempt to take over the world, heroes type furiously to regain control of ‘the mainframe.’ And all too often these incidents seem to be fictional entertainment and highly unlikely to ever occur, and once the
movie ends you’re left wondering, “Could that really happen?”

Unfortunately, not only could this happen — it is happening — and widely publicized cyber-security attacks such as Stuxnet and Flame have proven this so.

According to Trend Micro Threat Researcher, Kyle Wilhoit, anything that’s Internet-facing will likely get attacked at some point or another.

This document will outline four current – and fairly common – situations creating ICS security problems
in current networking structures.

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