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ProjectX’s first story is a co-innovation with GE Current to increase the energy efficiency of JPMorgan Chase bank branches across the U.S. through a new, intelligent energy management system.

The Goal

JPMorgan Chase made a commitment to environmental sustainability, which includes efforts to manage its buildings and branches more efficiently.

The bank has a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50-percent below 2005 levels by 2020 and offset 100-percent of emissions generated by employee air travel annually.

The bank aims to source renewable power for 100-percent of their global energy needs by 2020 and to facilitate $200 billion in clean financing by 2025.

To meet these goals, GE Current implemented the world’s largest LED lighting installation deal with JPMorgan Chase in 2016, retrofitting 2,500 branches with LED lighting and 60 Chase corporate offices.

GE Current is now co-innovating with GrayMatter on the second phase of the project — a new energy management system.

Project Specs

By utilizing sensors, software and lighting controls, the new energy management system provides enterprise-level, cloud-based visibility into energy and HVAC efficiency of Chase branches across the country.

The GrayMatter team started implementing the systems in a pilot project of five banks in Columbus, Ohio, creating a predictive maintenance system along with data for in-depth analytics.

The goal of the project is to reduced electric and gas consumption by 15-percent and lighting-related consumption by 50-percent — the equivalent of removing 27,000 cars from the road.

Andy made these awesome boards demonstrating what goes into the installations — making it easy to teach new team members.

“We come in and see how we can help make the installation and design more cost-effective and efficient to drive a better result,” said Andy Breneman, GrayMatter’s Director of Strategic Projects. “That’s how GrayMatter brings our innovation to the project.”

GrayMatter went into one of the pilot banks and installed sensors to monitor HVAC status. This uncovered an air handler unit that was constantly running.

Results like this allow technicians to proactively identify equipment anomalies — saving energy usage and premature equipment failure due to excessive use.

Next Steps

More installations are scheduled throughout the beginning of 2018. Challenges will be scaling this from a small pilot to a larger installation, finding the right resources and technicians to optimize efficiency while delivering the same GrayMatter quality — stay tuned for updates.

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