When Downtime is Not an Option

Anyone working in industrial automation knows that downtime can have many negative consequences, not to mention production losses that can cost thousands. But in some industries, downtime’s impact can reach far beyond the factory and perhaps no one understands this better than those who generate power.

Thousands of people rely on power generators to keep the lights on consistently and safely. It powers the alarm clock that wakes you up. It gets the coffee brewing. It powers the TV for the morning news. And that’s all before 9:00 AM.

For power generators, downtime is not an option.

GrayMatter has decades of experience working with power generation professionals to ensure uptime, maintain industry compliance, and maximize efficiency. We provide:

  • Professional Services, to help power generators to find the best solutions for their current architecture
  • Leading automation, data acquisition, and supervisory control solutions so power generators can ensure utmost reliability, compliance with industry regulations and plant efficiency

Business Management

From electricity generation to delivery to end-user customers, you can rely on GrayMatter’s proven approaches power by GE Digital’s solutions built on high-performance technologies. Our power solutions help improve your operating capabilities and solve outages faster — enabling you to drive higher efficiency and profitability.

Engineering and Operations

To help keep your assets working 24×7 and ensure system integrity under changing regulatory and market complexities, GrayMatter’s advanced solutions enable improved operational reliability and efficiency. The flexibility, easy integration and access to critical information help maximize your productivity and quality.

 “We have relied on GrayMatter superior expertise and service for over 15 years and look forward to another 15 years as we continue the evolution of our SCADA platform integration with additional third party applications to further leverage our investment.” 


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