Strengthening Security with Video Over Existing SCADA Networks

Providing integrated video surveillance for operational and security has long been a difficult challenge facing the process control industry. To answer this need, GrayMatter is proud to offer the only system that can transmit video over existing SCADA networks, as well as over the most up-to-date high speed networks.

This solution delivers operational improvements, safety and security, and regulatory compliance in a wide variety of industries including water, power utilities, oil and gas production, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and discrete part manufacturing.

Unlike other systems that only provide an “ActiveX control” that requires labor-intensive “scripting,” this solution automatically connects video to your data bases including:

  • Real-time process database
  • Data historian (historical trending)
  • Alarm and event messages
  • Batch management messages
  • Workflow tracking messages
  • Maintenance system messages

Automatic Screen Recording

Get live and recorded images of HMI, SCADA, and DCS displays  and exactly what was on the operator displays at any point in time (including the mouse tracks). 

Safety and Security

Get widespread plant video integrated into existing SCADA and HMI systems to improve safety, security and productivity.  

Video Historian

Automatically link and integrate real plant video to help improve plant efficiency, documentation regulatory compliance and operations management. 

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