Innovative Solutions for Today's Digital Oilfield

Exploration to Distribution and All Points in Between

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GrayMatter offers the industry leading industrial automation and data management solutions to overcome the challenges facing the Oil and Gas industry.

Our team is armed with years of experience and domain knowledge to help you choose the right options to fit any point in oil production from exploration to extraction, processing to storage and refinement to distribution.

Cyber Security for Oil and Gas

Defending against the ever-increasing risk of cyber intrusion. Learn more.

Data Management and Warehousing

 Advanced, proven and integrated data management and warehousing solutions for the digital oil field. Learn more. 

Mobile Solutions

Delivering real-time data to anyone, anywhere and any device. Learn more.

Data Management, Warehousing and Analytics

GrayMatter has a full suite of advanced, proven and integrated data management and data analytics software products, starting with the historian and predictive analytics and diagnostics software. With our solutions, everybody in the decision-making process — engineering, operations, C-level and more — can have access to the specific, role-based information they need to do their jobs….and optimize every aspect of processes and equipment health.

Key benefits:

  • Detect, diagnose and prioritize emerging performance and reliability problems
  • Focus your maintenance efforts
  • Maximize and leverage resources
  • Collaborate across disciplines and geographies
  • Standardize across all critical equipment and across the fleet
  • Keep your operations safe

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Webinar: The Industrial Internet and Industrial Big Data heroThis webinar will feature a high-level discussion around how new software and analytics can help you manage the Big Data hidden in your machines and extract intelligence from it.

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Cyber Security Solutions for Oil and Gas

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 32% of the 245 reported cyber security events in 2014 occurred in the energy sector.

Methods of intrusion included unauthorized access and exploitation of Internet facing ICS/Supervisory Control and SCADA systems, which lends credence to the new way of thinking that “anything internet facing will likely someday be attacked.”

So how can you protect your new network and thrive in an increasingly connected world?

GrayMatter provides a set of advanced yet easy-to-use tools to secure distributed process assets, isolated process control networks (PCNs) and remote upstream operations.

It gives oil and gas companies a simpler approach to securing critical infrastructure, bridging the gap between IT security requirements and the need to maintain operational control and efficiency.

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Webinar: A ‘No Compromises’ Cyber Security Strategy for IT and OT Taking on the Industrial IoT cyber security picThe webinar will squarely address the conundrum that Industrial Internet of Things presents to CISOs with respect to meeting information technology and operational technology imperatives, while reducing their organizations’ risk profile.

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Mobility for Oil and Gas

The use of mobile devices at work isn’t exactly new — people have been thumbing through lists of emails on mobile devices since RIM released the first email-ready BlackBerry in 2003.

What’s changing is the kind of data that workers, specifically operators, are getting on their smart devices.

Today, information packed with key performance indicators is streaming in real-time to worker’s smartphones. Operators in today’s digital oil fields across the country are analyzing well data on their iPhones. Decision makers in offices, at the airport, or in the field are analyzing KPIs on their iPads and making critical business decisions. The “Garden Hose of Information” of the past that sent endless streams of data has been replaced by personalized, finely-tuned dashboards that display usable, accurate, data anytime and anywhere.

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