Innovative RTU Products for Automation, Asset Management and SCADA Systems

Today’s SCADA systems address an ever-expanding scope of applications from remote asset monitoring to distributed process automation, from a single point to thousands of points. To provide the most cost-effective possible solution across all applications, only Semaphore offers a choice of network architectures.

A decentralized architecture is best for remote asset monitoring, process automation and metering. Remote locations often lack infrastructure for power and installation and must minimize communications costs on public networks.

Gas Flow Measurement

GrayMatter unites the power of advanced technologies to reinvent gas flow measurement. Our solution and device-agnostic Web 2.0 pages combine to produce high-performance gas flow RTU. The solution provides anytime, anywhere measurement and control and is ideal for production well sites with multiple wells and multiple-run metering and regulating (M&R) stations.

Smart Technology

Forward-thinking leaders around the world are embracing the potential of “smart” systems to solve problems with energy usage, water and wastewater management, traffic control, and mass transportation. GrayMatter offers RTU that are equipped with advanced, IP/Web/telemetry technology, an exciting capability that promises to overcome a smart system’s integration and implementation challenges.

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