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powerHighHydroelectric power is a renewable energy source dependent upon the hydrologic cycle of water, which involves evaporation, precipitation and the flow of water due to gravity. Hydroelectric power generation industry, due to its non-polluting process with no heat or noxious gases released, has a significant need to grow across global.

With the industrial know-how and innovative technology, GrayMatter is dedicated to help users improve the productivity with the most reliable product performance and worldwide services. GrayMatter is an authorized representative of GE Digital, one of the first companies that constantly provide advanced and reliable products for hydroelectric power manufacturers.

GE Digital always regards the electric power industry as one of the most important business sectors. A large part of world’s hydro energy capacity is controlled by GE Digital automation equipment. GE Digital’s extensive product portfolio can provide technically innovative solutions for both the primary control and the auxiliary control projects of the hydropower applications. Solutions include turbine/generator control, gate-valve control, water supply systems, facilities and supervisor information systems.

As the most critical and complex system in the hydropower plant, the hydropower control system must be reliable, safe and real time. How to improve the reliability of control system of hydropower station is always the top concern.

The key advantage of the GE Digital offer is the ability to provide one-stop shopping. Our total solution including SCADA, Plant Applications-Proficy Historian, and Portal give manufacturers full visibility to the real-time operating performance and readiness to both opportunities and challenges.

GE Digital’s revolutionary Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) solutions combine unprecedented flexibility, openness and performance. A single control engine and universal programming create a seamless migration path and deliver a true convergence of control choices. GE Digital’s hydropower turbine solutions made of PAC controllers are designed to gain advanced control and minimize cost. It helps reduce downtime, support capacity, improve efficiency, and provide a view into the system as a whole.

GE Digital is a worldwide leading supplier of supervisory HMI/SCADA systems. Our products have become a standard in not only hydroelectric industry but also nearly every conceivable industry and application. GE Intelligent Platforms is a global leader in helping hydroelectric clients optimize their manufacturing performance, productivity, efficiency and reliability. We provide valuable information and automation solutions used to monitor, analyze and control energy usage and reduce energy costs.

Event data collection is crucial in safety and critical control applications. GE Digital’s SOE solutions can capture both the first event and sequence of events that occur in your system during a shutdown or a trip sequence to help you document when events have occurred. Providing accurate detection, recording and storing of events and leveraging highly accurate time stamps, our SOE solutions enable you to analyze when change of states occurred in your process and the precise order of occurrence, down to the millisecond.

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