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Five Myths About Plant Floor to SAP Integration

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From years of experience talking with CIOs and directors of IT supporting manufacturing, operations, and supply chain, a grim picture of the reality of SAP integration projects has emerged.

One common criticism is that even though the overall system may be functional, the integration was a custom-coding nightmare. Another is having to dedicate key programming resources to month-long projects spent punching out single-use code ended up costing tens of thousands of dollars, putting the company at risk.

In other cases, the project team was skilled with underlying protocols, data formats, and plant floor systems but depending on them to also become experts in the SAP development environment was another story altogether.

Staffing integration projects with the right skill sets can be a real problem and getting it wrong creates higher project risk and budget overruns. Often, companies are left in the uncomfortable position of being completely dependent on the outside consultants they hired to do the integration; not to mention the significant impact on their IT budget.

There’s no doubt about it– the above statements are rooted in truth. Many plant floor to SAP integration projects have significant room for improvement. The intent of this document is to explore some alternatives to these statements.

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