Data Warehousing and Management for Oil and Gas

Getting historical data stored is only half the battle. The return on investment can only be realized when your data consumers can access all the relevant data in a timely manner and in a format their already used to using.

By leveraging the warehousing capabilities of GE’s Historian software, GrayMatter delivers meaningful context to vast amounts of raw data from across your oil and gas operations.

A powerful enterprise-wide historian, it aggregates islands of information for true process visibility. It also feeds higher-level operations management systems with real-time information.
With Proficy Historian data management software, you get the granularity of data you need to analyze and solve complex process problems. It’s a powerful enterprise-wide data historian that collects, archives and distributes tremendous volumes of production information at extremely high speeds.

For you, this means you have the data you need to drive better decisions.

Contextualized to deliver insight

Built specifically for acquisition and presentation, our Historian software delivers meaningful context to vast amounts of raw data from across your operations. You can aggregate islands of information for true process visibility and feed higher-level operations management systems with accurate, real-time information.

Its unique capabilities and benefits help you leverage the power of your data:

  • The industry’s highest performing, fastest innovating, time-series historian
  • Ease of use — won’t take you weeks to set up and figure out
  • Portfolio of advanced applications that lets you get far more from your data
  • Proven lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO) than alternative

With dispersed assets onshore and offshore, you need to monitor, manage, and distribute tremendous volumes of field data — from the wellheads to the control room and at the enterprise level. Analysis tools from GrayMatter help maximize the value of your data with powerful analytics, helping you make decisions better, faster and smarter.

Predict Asset Failures Before They Happen

GrayMatter provides a predictive analytics software so you can identify what is going to fail, what is the most probable cause of the failure and what is the priority of the impending failure. The solution helps you do so automatically, continuously and relentlessly, 24 hours/day, for optimized asset performance management.

With our software, you can spend less time analyzing data and more time acting on it. The software identifies problems well before they happen — often weeks or months before other systems. Its early warnings allow you to shift from costly reactive maintenance to efficient planned maintenance.

The bottom line: improved equipment reliability, asset availability, efficiency and productivity.


  • Improved availability and reliability
  • Fewer shutdowns and catastrophic failures
  • Reduced damage to critical equipment
  • Reduced maintenance and energy costs
  • Improved safety
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