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Living and working in an increasingly connected world is giving oil and gas organizations the ability to stay ahead of the competition in ways previously thought impossible.

Even with all the benefits, oil and gas organizations are constantly working to defend themselves against an unintended drawback of increased interconnectivity: the elevated risk of cyber security attacks.

And the industry has taken notice.

61% Of oil and gas organizations believe it’s unlikely or highly unlikely that they would be able to detect a sophisticated attack.
29% Have no real-time insight on cyber threats.
13% Believe that their information security function is fully meeting the organizational needs.

Source: Ernest & Young

 And the threat is real.

184744560_8According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 32% of the 245 reported cyber security events in 2014 occurred in the energy sector. Methods of intrusion included unauthorized access and exploitation of Internet facing ICS/Supervisory Control and SCADA systems, which lends credence to the new way of thinking that “anything internet facing will likely someday be attacked.”

So how can you protect your new network and thrive in an increasingly connected world?

Gray Matter Systems provides a set of advanced yet easy-to-use tools to secure: distributed process assets, isolated process control networks (PCNs) and remote upstream operations. It gives oil and gas companies a simpler approach to securing critical infrastructure, bridging the gap between IT security requirements and the need to maintain operational control and efficiency.

Cyber Security Solutions for Oil and Gas

Segment and Cloak Process Control and SCADA networks

Organizations can segment and isolate connectivity to and between upstream production facilities and midstream processing plants, following the ISA-99 (IEC 62443) zone and conduits model.

Securely Connect and Monitor Remote, Distributed Equipment

 By introducing an independent layer of connectivity, security and trust management, this solution enables remote device management—even across a third party’s network infrastructure.  

Easily Manage Third-Party Access

 Providing network access to vendors and contractors can introduce additional security vulnerability. Third-party access can be granted and revoked in just minutes, without modifying the shared network. 

Our comprehensive solution facilitates easy administration and provisioning of private overlay networks with delegated control, centralized governance and oversight by IT. It’s easy to deploy, manage and scale, with significantly lower total cost of ownership than traditional security solutions.

Our innovative approach enables you to cloak your infrastructure, segment and extend your network, preserve your legacy investment, easily add or revoke contractor/employee access and troubleshoot and optimize your network.

Key Capabilities

Cloak Critical Infrastructure

Devices can only be seen by trusted peers

Segment Networks

Smaller, more manageable networks are more robust and secure

Network Extension

Securely extend your network to any remote location  

Preserve Legacy Investments

Integration with your existing devices and infrastructure for defense-indepth security

Secure Remote Access

Highly constrained remote access that is simple to grant and revoke 

Increase Operational Integrity and Availability

Visibility into network traf c enables diagnostics, debugging and performance optimization

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