Industrial Grade Computing Platforms for Industrial Applications

GrayMatter is committed to providing a full line of industrial automation hardware products that extend from board-level solutions and semi-customized modules, to fully customized solutions and compact embedded computers. We deploy cutting-edge technology in industrial grade computing platforms to satisfy all mission critical embedded and industrial applications.

We offer complete solutions featuring next-generation high performance/ scalable/ low power platforms with Dual and Quad-Core processing, PCI Express technology, dual channel DDR2 memory and enhanced system management mechanisms.

Human Machine Interfaces

Wide selection of rugged industrial panel computers including intelligent operator panels, touch panel computers, industrial panel PCs, industrial monitors 

Industrial Communication

A wide array of plug-in IO card design and manufacturing, as well as a full range of industrial data acquisition (DAQ) and control products which are widely used in industrial and laboratory applications such as: monitoring, motion control, data acquisition, and automated testing.

Embedded Automation Computers

We offer a complete line of embedded automation computers with rugged, cableless designs for harsh industrial environments. 

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