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GrayMatter’s SCADA Assessment assigns a score of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) in four categories. An average of those scores gives an overall view of an organization's SCADA system.

Technology Utilization

- Evaluate available features in SCADA-linked technologies
- Determine communication protocols of SCADA assets
- Highlight redundancies and remote access options to mitigate equipment failures, power loss and other emergencies

Screen Optimization

- Review operator dashboards for ease of use within ANSI/ISA standards
- Examine current High-Performance Graphics or develop HPG examples
- Confirm effective training documentation exists to assist new employees

Product Versioning

- Appraise current versus latest versions of SCADA-connected software
- Weigh costs, complexity and security implications of upgrading software and equipment
- Document current version control measures

Backup & Recovery

- Assess need for high-availability, fault-tolerant servers
- Identify server failover capabilities configuration options
- Outline data backup procedures


Automation & Controls Offering

Upgrade legacy or obsolete systems with efficient SCADA design and development methods, HMIs, alarm points, PLC input/output mapping and programming, regulatory reporting and documentation & more.

  • PLC Mapping & Programming
  • Control Panel Modernization
  • Alarm Structure Optimization
  • SCADA Master Planning
  • Radio Telemetry Support
GrayMatter’s SCADA Assessment assigns a score of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) in four categories. An average of those scores gives an overall view of an organization's SCADA system.

  • Technology Utilization
  • Screen Optimization
  • Product Versioning
  • Backup & Recovery
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High-Performance Graphics (ISA 101 HMI standards) Streamline the way plant-floor operators interact with systems by creating or upgrading to intuitive, industry-leading Human Machine Interface screens built to enhance efficiency, improve safety and reduce the learning curve for new operators.

  • HPG Style Guide Development Consulting
  • HMI Best Practice Operator/Stakeholder Workshop (Virtual or In-Person)
  • QA/QC Documentation & Testing
  • Beta-testing HPG Screen Functionality
  • Implement ANSI/ISA-101.01-2015, (ISA 101) HMI for Process Automation Systems Standard
SuperTrend by GrayMatter is a powerful data visualization tool that enables iFIX users to create intuitive, historical trending charts on demand. Operators can easily generate single or multiple chart views, compare historical tag data, adjust styling and add in-line annotations.

SuperTrend installs over existing iFIX/Historian systems without requiring changes to the application.

  • Build intuitive reports in minutes instead of hours
  • Deploy copies of trend reports to multiple monitors
  • Make calculations without creating new tags
  • Add new charts or edit existing ones
  • Run on mobile devices for field operators
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Virtualization technology and thin clients allow industrial organizations to consolidate their physical network infrastructure, enhance security, reduce configuration time and modernize their network edge infrastructure.

  • Thin Client Planning and Installation
  • Application Virtualization
  • Enhance Server Fault Tolerance & High Availability
  • Remote Operations Deployment
  • Endpoint Management Tool Implementation


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