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Industry Knowledge, Technology Expertise and a Heritage of Quality

For more than 25 years, GrayMatter has provided critical infrastructure environments with data driven, process automation solutions to both optimize operations, and ensure safe, reliable performance.

Through a combination of industry-leading technologies, coupled with our deep subject matter expertise and proven track record of delivering solutions, we help you improve on your mission by reducing costs, improving monitoring and intelligence and securing your systems from both environmental and intentional threats.


James Gillespie, CEO

A 30-year veteran of the automation business, Jim has significant experience deploying innovation solutions to connect people to their critical assets in various markets, including but not limited to, manufacturing, water/wastewater, power and oil and gas markets.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University (Engineering) and Duquesne University (MBA), Jim has deep knowledge of return on investment cases, process control, analytics, MES, data collection as well as trends in operations technology (OT).

Since GrayMatter’s inception in 1991, James and co-founder Carson Drake have worked to connect, collect, analyze and visualize critical assets for Fortune 500 companies all the way to rural municipalities — with the real-time and historical information and the conclusions that they need to make their operations better.

Carson Drake, VP, Manufacturing Industries

Carson Drake is the Vice President of Manufacturing Industries for GrayMatter.

A seasoned MES and Manufacturing Intelligence expert, Carson Drake has been combining automation best practices with emerging technology to solve complex business problems for over 25 years.

After graduating with honors from Fairmont State University in West Virginia, Carson quickly gained valuable plant-floor knowledge in the manufacturing marketplace; working at Modicon with motion, PLC and HMI technology across the United States in assembly plants, packaging plants and in a variety of industries.

Carson is tasked with handling our key manufacturing accounts directly as well as directing our overall manufacturing team.

Rich Fecher, Chief Revenue Officer

Rich Fecher is the CRO of GrayMatter.

An experienced revenue leader at both GE Digital and IBM, Rich has extensive experience managing large sales and sales consultant teams to drive exceptional growth.

Kemell Kassim, VP, Energy Industries & Cyber OT

Kemell Kassim is the Vice President of Energy Industries and Cyber for GrayMatter. Kemell has over 15 years of experience with GrayMatter, with significant experience in the oil & gas and power industries.

Prior to joining GrayMatter, he spent years commissioning power generation plants with Babcock and Wilcox as well as being a successful consulting engineer in the water/wastewater market. Kemell specializes in combining software and hardware with data to deliver business results as well as utilizing new technologies like industrial mobility, the cloud and virtualization to benefit Energy customers.

Alan Hinchman, VP, Water Industries

Alan Hinchman is the Vice President of Water Industries for GrayMatter.

Alan has more than 20 years of experience managing the technology and automation deployments in water/wastewater plants across North America.

Alan most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer of The Water Initiative, a team of global business executives and renowned scientists who develop water systems to fit local conditions.

Prior to The Water Initiative, Alan was the Global Market Director for water and waste water industries at GE Digital. In this role, he led a team responsible for the strategic marketing of GE Digital’s water and waste water offerings.

In addition he has considerable experience with energy, oil and gas and commercial buildings offerings.

Kerry McQuone, VP, Marketing

A graduate of UVA, Kerry is an experienced leader who translates communication and marketing goals into strategies that define company vision.

Formerly an executive at Cox Media Group, she is an experienced storyteller and brand champion.

John Benitz, Director of Professional Services

John is the Director of Professional Services at GrayMatter and has over 34 years of experience with engineering projects John Benitz ISA Professional Servicesfrom conception through specications, design, enclosure, QA testing FAT/SAT, training, documentation, and installation support.

He specializes in Process Control & Instrumentation Design SIS/SIL safety systems; HMI, PLC/DCS Programming, and SCADA Systems

John is also a senior ISA member and a voting member of the ISA’s HMI standards committee.

Mandy Urey, Director of HR and Operations

Mandy oversees and entire business process from start to finish, making sure all steps put the customer first.

She is also head of talent acquisition and culture at GrayMatter, working with all departments to create a consistent, positive vibe.

John Gehan, Manager of Business Development and Inside Sales

John leads our internal business development, sales and customer service teams. His teams prides themselves on customer relationships and quick, knowledgeable assistance to customers and outside sales resources.

John is a very process oriented, efficient leader with experience creating and improving process at all levels of the business.

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